1st Prize
Q-switched INNOSLAB lasers for high quality micro-processing

Dr. Keming Du
Dr. Keming Du

Managing Director,
EdgeWave GmbH, Würselen

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Members of the project management team
Areas of application
Major sectors of industry which are profiting from the INNOSLAB technology are:
Technological impact
INNOSLAB lasers represent a new laser class which is suitable for a large variety of applications in different sectors of industry and research. A q-switched INNOSLAB laser combines the following elements:
The optimal combination of crystal shape, cooling, resonator design and efficient beam shaping is the origin of a unique set of favourable features of INNOSLAB lasers:
The parameter field of current INNOSLAB lasers is: With these features INNOSLAB lasers enable a variety of challenging applications with added value such micro-processing of glass, scribing, edge deletion, high throughput thin film structuring, and pumping of dye lasers. Many sectors of industry such as photovoltaics, electronics, display and glass industry, mechanical engineering and tool making industry are profiting from the INNOSLAB technology.

High power and high pulse energy
INNOSLAB lasers.
(Photo: EdgeWave GmbH, Würselen)

Thin film solar processing with
INNOSLAB lasers.
(Photo: EdgeWave GmbH, Würselen)