Technologcal Fields Of Interest

It takes a great deal of experience and specialized knowledge, not to mention considerable dedication on the part of the authors, to successfully carry a technical development project through from the basic research stage to industrial or commercial maturity. The aim of the Innovation Award Laser Technology is to focus a spotlight on the interface between applied scientific research and industrial practice.

The range of possible fields extends from the development of new laser beam sources and systems for use in laser materials processing to the qualification of innovative laser manufacturing processes for use in an industrial production environment. Acceptable forms of proof of the commercial gain to be achieved through implementation of the R&D results include new products or product features, enhanced product quality, simplified and more stable process flows, or a more cost-effective or higher-throughput manufacturing system.

The introduction of innovative laser-based manufacturing techniques relies on the experimental testing, development and application of new laser systems or laser-assisted manufacturing processes. The success of an innovation can be judged on the basis of the cost-benefit ratio demonstrated by pre-production models, industrial prototypes, or series production. The immediate value of breakthrough innovations in laser technology developed in an applied research context can be measured in terms of the industry-targeted transformation of laboratory results. As a rule, it is possible to assess the potential stimulus to innovation through feasibility studies, demonstration models, or pilot production runs, and by their patentability.

In keeping with the original purpose of the award, applications are especially invited from individuals working in industry or at universities or independent research centers who have successfully conceived and implemented an innovative idea relating to laser technology, following the project through from earlystage laboratory research to ultimate industrial application.